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August 2018

Dual Rotor Autogyro


As said in the video "I'll film this for the website as either way it is going to be a good video!" Great skill needed to get it off the ground and then back on to it. Clearly some sort of issue with getting the rotors to spin together, which can be seen from [...]

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April 2017

Seriously? This is the first post of 2017?


Yep, my bad. Completely my fault! Sorry guys, I started a new job in January and have only flown twice this year, but hopefully as the weather gets better we can resume normal operations. Remember if you want to write a post here just let me know... As many of you will know we [...]

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October 2016

Dave’s Jet – Complete Flight


I wasn't there yesterday, but thanks to Tony for the excellent video of Dave's Jet. Dave 'The Jet" Man perhaps you could leave a comment below and tell us some details about your jet. If I remember rightly it is a Pilot-RC 78in Dolphin Jet? Saturday looks like the wind is going to be light, so I [...]

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Autumnal Flying


Looking at the weather this morning, I can't believe how lucky we were yesterday to get such a great day for flying.  Light winds for most of the day, meant that we got a great turnout of members; at it's peak I think we had twenty cars. This led to the rare sight [...]

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July 2016

Three in a Bed


Control line antics at the Border Model Aircraft Club 'Summer' BBQ. Unfortunately I was not able to make it, but judging by the video it looks quite windy!! If anyone has any additional photos or videos, send them over to me so we can get them on the web site. Thanks Tony for the Video. [...]

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March 2016

Is Spring Here?


Yesterday was the first really good flying day of the year and as a result we had an impressive turnout of club members and models, with an associated number of spills and thrills. Dave's Xcalibur jet experienced front landing failure, but was expertly guided in for an impeccable and damage free landing. The "Control Liners" [...]

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October 2015

Quadcopter over Martinique (again)


Here is a link to the first video from the quadcopter at Martinique. It's of Richard Weeks cavorting about in his normal mode. The Quad was set to "loiter" which means that it holds its position using the on board GPS. All Tony had to do was to use the rudder control to point the camera [...]

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September 2015

Quadcopter over Martinique


Today Tony Machen managed to get some video from his smaller less expensive Syma X5C-1 quadcopter. It was gusting quite a bit and many of the regulars had bottled out, but he gave it a go anyway! You can see from some of the video that the model was banked over quite a bit to hold station. All [...]

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