Yep, my bad. Completely my fault! Sorry guys, I started a new job in January and have only flown twice this year, but hopefully as the weather gets better we can resume normal operations. Remember if you want to write a post here just let me know…

As many of you will know we have turned the strip around and are now flying from the other side. This coincided with the arrival of the annual “Field Hospital” exercise at Martinique, but there was very little interference with flying from that; unlike the turning and narrowing of the strip, where I and several others found the ‘rough’ on landing.

Here are some photos of the 11th of March including the Control Line ‘Whoops’ moment video.

Last weekend, was like a glorious sunny day. As a result we had a great turnout of members, with many new planes and few new members taking advantage of the  weather. Amongst all the models there was also a warbird theme starting to develop.

Finally one of our new members Laurence, used his DJI Mavic to get some footage of our strip and surrounding area. I am going to have to get myself one of those!!