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April 2019

A Quick Catchup


It has been a while. Here are a few photos and videos from the last few months and of course our new logo above. Grab your club sticker from Dave the next time you see him. The Maiden Flight of Norman's Mosquito It has had a few flights since this maiden before [...]

A Quick Catchup2019-04-17T21:59:29+00:00

April 2017

Seriously? This is the first post of 2017?


Yep, my bad. Completely my fault! Sorry guys, I started a new job in January and have only flown twice this year, but hopefully as the weather gets better we can resume normal operations. Remember if you want to write a post here just let me know... As many of you will know we [...]

Seriously? This is the first post of 2017?2017-04-18T07:25:34+00:00

October 2015

Tony demonstrates his and the quads versatility


Border Model Aircraft Club is relegated to Bramshott today as Martinique is not accessible this month. There was a relatively low turnout but whilst we there  Tony showed us how adept he is at catching his quad in mid air. Dave is desperately hoping that his Control Line plane will eventually run out of fuel in the background. [...]

Tony demonstrates his and the quads versatility2017-04-14T10:57:40+00:00

Control Line at Bramshott


Small turn out at Bramshott today but Dave Mackey made the most of it by breaking out the Control Line. Not something we should encourage at the club! :)

Control Line at Bramshott2017-04-14T10:57:40+00:00